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Bike & Beer Bloodbath 2007

14 bars in 9 hours - Aug 12 2007


Ken starting fresh at Uber

Uber Bike and Beer Bloodbath 2007

Run To The Hills

end-o-the line

Peter Swerve

Hilltop Alehouse

Hilltop Alehouse-bikepile

Hilltop Alehouse

off to Hooverville

Hilltop Alehouse

Hilltop Alehouse


Collins Pub

Incarcerated at Hooverville

Girls at the Hoov

Stumbling Monk bikepile

Stumbling Monk

Stumbling Monk

Canadian duo at Stumbling Monk

No this person does not have a beer outside Stumbling Monk

the new recruits at The Monk

The Shirt at Die Bierstube...stop number 11

Uber-2nd time around: Maybe this many bars was a bad idea

...definitely a bad idea.

7517 Aurora Avenue North, Seattle Washington 98103 - (206) 829-8922Map to Ãœber Tavern


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